One of the main reasons for the failure of start up companies is the lack of marketing knowledge and skills.

Inadequate knowledge of distribution channels and market situations, combined with a lack of experience cause many good ideas and products to fail from the outset. Renowned scientists have misjudged market conditions with disastrous results, especially in the field of biotechnology.

Even the most brilliant business idea needs professional supervision

CW-NOTIO will help you succeed in maintaining a balance between strict cost management and efficient marketing action.
Together we will develop and implement an ideal custom-made strategy. Constant control and verification will ensure that you can react promptly and effectively to any market changes.

No need to gather your own experience – use ours!

We will not only enable you to launch your products, we will help you develop derivative products, and provide the necessary structures within a reasonable time frame.
Our goal is the long-term and strategic focus of your brilliant idea.

Together we will find solutions to the following issues:

What is the most efficient market approach (Time to Market)?

The perfect sales channel – when is a sales force profitable?

Advertising and PR – what makes sense, what is expensive, and what is helpful?

Which trade fairs should you attend?