Interim Management

CW-NOTIO offers solutions for  short or mid-term periods. Interim management means  there is no personal career for the interim  manager within your company, there are no costs for social contributions, annuities, fringe benefits or gratuities.
The basis of success is the neutrality of the interim manager.

When is interim management the perfect solution for you?

  • Vacancies for managerial positions must be filled quickly due to a lengthy recruitment process, or because previous employees are available either on a part-time basis or not at all.<br><br>
  • Projects have pending deadlines and the existing manpower is insufficient.<br><br>
  • An external manager has fewer problems implementing structural changes and executing necessary decisions. This puts less strain on the work atmosphere.<br><br>
  • The traditional domains of an interim manager are: turnaround management, scenarios following mergers and acquisition.