Finding the right marketing strategy

An ideal marketing strategy is the basis of any successful business, whether you like it or not. That is the first job that has to be done, whether you have 6, 60, 600 or even more employees.

Each company has its own profile, each portfolio needs its specific sales and marketing strategies.

Development of marketing strategies

No time for strategies?
Daily business demands immediate and tactical solutions? 
Everything has worked out fine so far?
You know your business best?

An example

A company has grown successfully and quickly. The founder and proprietor heads his own sales force. There is a product manager, and if absolutely necessary, they collaborate with an advertising agency.  At trade shows the company keeps a close view on its competitors. So far so good.
But, there comes a point when it all becomes too much.  A decision is made based on instincts: 2 new sales reps and a sales manager are hired.

That could be the best solution, but not necessarily.

It is time to think about strategy. Maybe C and D customers can be taken care of on the telephone. Would it be better to hire a key account manager rather than two new sales reps? Or a specialist to visit buying syndicates? Or appoint a professional to manage both the sales force and the product portfolio?

CW-NOTIO assesses the situation objectively, drawing on many years of extensive experience. By carefully balancing cost effectiveness and efficient marketing activities CW-NOTIO develops the ideal strategy for each individual client, based on their specific market needs. – This is what CW-NOTIO does best!

Turning visions into realisable goals and tactics
Strategic portfolio management
Optimal distribution channels: sales representatives, office-based sales force, key account management
Internal and external corporate identity
Structuring of sales and marketing departments
An armada of sales reps or key account management and tele-sales