Medical Technology and Pharmaceuticals – a Market Survey

This is a growing and future-orientated market which is still subject to constant change. Healthcare reforms, buying syndicates and reimbursement schemes are just a few issues that characterise the situation. 

On the other hand, this market offers excellent opportunities.


The Challenge

Improvement of operations and lean management need to be examined and an assessment of all marketing activities performed.

Staff and other cost-intensive areas such as service are often crucial to market success.


External Consultants

An external consultant is an alternative that is worth considering. There is rarely time in daily business life for in-depth analysis. A consultant offers many advantages: definite mandate and exclusive control of costs and success.

Are “big names” really a guarantee for success?

To operate within a limited and specific market, knowledge and experience are essential.  Large consultancy firms are often ill-equipped to tackle these issues effectively – their standardized concepts do not cater for the needs of a specialist market.

Information and intensive discussions will enable you to decide on your perfect personal consultancy firm.

On the following pages you will find a range of consultancy activities offered by CW-NOTIO Dr. Christine Wunn.